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Feed The Hood - Free Food Giveaway

Feed The Hood is a new non-profit organization in the Roseland/ Pullman area on the south side of Chicago. On Aug 31, 2020 Feed The Hood hosted its first community event, a back-to-school Free Food & School Supply Giveaway. They gave out trays filled to the top with delicious home cooked food for the soul. The menu came straight from Grandma's kitchen with comfort favorites like fried chicken, baked chicken, dirty rice and string beans w/ turkey necks. Along with feeding over 100 people, Feed The Hood passed out generous boxes of school supplies for children in primary school all the way through high school!

Feed The Hood was founded in mid 2020 (one of the most turbulent years in recent history) in the midst of a world-wide pandemic, a nation wide racial justice movement, and an important presidential election year.

The team who helped to make Feed The Hood's premier event such a huge success (Paris Clay, Kharis McDonald, Kiarra Noelle, Shay Shay and Gerald G The Mentor) had this to say,

"We are trying to uplift our neighborhoods by giving back. Helping where we can. And we would like to have success so we can do it every month..."

One of the organization's founders, Kharis McDonald added,

"Feed The Hood vision is to always have a commitment to support ALL communities that are under [served] by building healthy and holistic environments for our youth and others we serve in need.
WE are here to inspire, bring hope and contribute to the overall health of All communities.
WE serve you by providing understanding, love, compassion, privacy, integrity, trust, and most of all family values through a integrated approach. Thank you for your support!"

I was honored to be asked to photograph this amazing event! My goal when taking the photos was to capture the mood of the day, highlighting the love, compassion, and overall positive energy of the event.

To learn more about Feed The Hood and to donate or volunteer for their next event please email lfeedthehood9@gmail.com.

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