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A TRUE CREATIVE ​ Jessie B has worked as a professional Street Fashion Photographer since 2016. Encouraged by her parents for her natural artistic flair, Jess was immersed in the world of visual arts from a young age. In 2001 she moved from Sunnyvale, CA to Chicago, IL and soon became interested in photography as a way to capture urban lifestyle in this diverse metropolis.

After a trip to Italy in 2004 to study the history of art, Jess fell in love with “street fashion” photography. Later, she attended the Illinois Institute of Art for Fashion Marketing & Management. A true creative at heart... outside of photography, Jessie has tried her hand at many different forms of art including fashion and interior design, makeup artistry, modeling and more. Her artistic vision is often classified as honest and modern, with a touch of creative edge.

If you’re fascinated by street style, this is one Street Fashion Photographer you really need to keep on your radar! With an amazing eye for what’s up and coming in the fashion world, especially when it comes urban styles, Jess is making waves. Her incredible ability to capture street fashion in action has the industry buzzing.

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