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What is Jessie B Photo?

A full-service boutique photography studio that specializes in lifestyle and branding portraits.
I highlight all the best parts of you from your amazing personality to the unique products and services you may offer.

It's my goal to find something important to you and your business and turn your session into
something that is unique to you!

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About Jess


Jessie B has worked as a professional Street Fashion Photographer since 2016. Encouraged by her parents for her natural artistic flair, Jess was immersed in the world of visual arts from a young age. In 2001 she moved from Sunnyvale, CA to Chicago, IL and soon became interested in photography as a way to capture urban lifestyle in this diverse metropolis. After a trip to Italy in 2004, Jessie fell in love with “street fashion” photography. Later, Jess attended the Illinois Institute of Art for Fashion Marketing & Management. Her artistic vision is often classified as honest and modern, with a touch of creative edge...


About Me

A True Creative

I fell in love with photography as a kid playing around with my big sister's polaroid. When I was 12 my dad bought me my first SLR film camera and I brought it everywhere; capturing the beautiful, hidden, fleeting, and unexpected moments in life. I learned the importance of composition and skill while capturing my life in film, 35 shots at a time. My love of photography really took off in 2007 when I became a mom. I couldn't stop taking pics of my baby girl! But I always pushed myself to get better. In 2008 I bought my first professional DSLR and I was excited to get out of the darkroom and into Lightroom! I joined groups and online forums, read everything I could get my hands on, and watched as many YouTube tutorials as I could find. Then I played around with my camera and practiced until I started getting the results I was proud of. And that's it really! I just learned by reading, watching, and doing... and making a lot of mistakes along the way. But I'm so glad I never gave up.

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